BVandB: Support your local Barber

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Support your local barber. As independent contractors, barbers do not have the luxury of getting sick days. They do not get paid time off, vacation time, or a covered health insurance. Barbers work long hours and on holidays, only getting paid for what they do. They do not get any over-time pay, no incentives, or bonuses besides the tip$ they receive from clients. Aside from that, barbers do get a hefty rent fee along with extra expenses fees for barber supplies and tools. 

Surprisingly barbers don't mind any of the above. Barbers love the hustle and the business. They appreciate every second of what they do, and they don’t ask for nothing but a service fee. Service fees range from a variety of prices, depending on location, and experience.

Why so much for a haircut?

Well because behind every service fee, there are countless number of hours in practice, classes and preparation to get to the point of where they are today. If the service fee doesn’t fit your budget, the only right thing to do is to look somewhere else.  With all that being said, appreciate and support your local barbers.

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