BVandB: The Barber Shop Culture

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Barber Shop Customers

For many, a barber shop has been a place to visit every week, or two, or every other month. A genuine place to regain confidence and stay fresh. A place for people to speak out loud and shoot the sh*t. Politics or sports, anything can be a subject at the shop. It’s a culture of its own that changes from one shop to the next, but at the end of the day, what makes a barber shop are the weekly customers and the barbers behind the chairs.

Barber Behind the Chair

For the barber behind the chair, the barber shop is not just a hustle; it’s a lifestyle. It's a bunch of hairs and all over the place; in places it shouldn't be. At times, it's just a bunch of hair splinter, shitty clients, no tips, annoying kids, rough mornings, late evenings, but somehow we enjoy it all. It's a very rewarding career. It’s how barbers make their living and pays the bills. It's how barbers takes care of their family, and put food on the table. At the end of the day, it's how barbers make a positive impact in this world. 

The Barber Shop Brand

Blood Veins and Bandages started with the idea of bring the barber culture to life through arts and graphics. Heavily influence by street art, I enjoy bringing to life eye catching illustrations for barbers industry. I tend to create what's on my mind, or what ever I envision rather than "what's going to sell." I take pride in every illustration we create, I couldn't be more than thankful for all the barbers around the world supporting Blood Veins and Bandages. 

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